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DMCI : Mahogany Place III For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Sofia Townhouse ₱ 12,041,000 Lot Area 75 sqm - Floor Area 151 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 12,577,000 Lot Area 105 sqm - Floor Area 75 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 13,500,000 Lot Area 117 sqm - Floor Area 75 sqm
4 Bedrooms ₱ 15,000,000 Lot Area 112 sqm - Floor Area 210 sqm
Zentype House ₱ 15,485,000 Lot Area 75 sqm - Floor Area 239 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 16,185,000 Lot Area 117 sqm
Townhouse Duplex-Single Detach ₱ 16,340,000 Lot Area 75 sqm - Floor Area 180 sqm
Catya Unit ₱ 17,200,000 Lot Area 84 sqm - Floor Area 180 sqm
House and Lot ₱ 20,962,000 Lot Area 105 sqm - Floor Area 239 sqm
4 Bedrooms ₱ 21,000,000 Lot Area 110 sqm - Floor Area 270 sqm
4 Bedrooms ₱ 23,000,000 Lot Area 116 sqm - Floor Area 270 sqm
Milla Model ₱ 23,500,000 Lot Area 118 sqm - Floor Area 239 sqm
5 Bedrooms ₱ 24,000,000 Lot Area 116 sqm - Floor Area 340 sqm
3 Bedrooms ₱ 32,000,000 Lot Area 224 sqm - Floor Area 300 sqm

The Mahogany III Estates is quite unlike the other residential communities in Metro Manila. For one thing, it is a low-density residential compound while most of the other subdivisions are crammed to the brim with small townhouses to make the most use of the land. In the Mahogany III, there are still plenty of open spaces that are converted into mini parks.

There are also plenty of trees inside the community, which means it does not get quite as hot during the summer season. The trees also mean that the pollution coming from the nearby highway and cities will not reach the residents because the shrubbery filters out all of the harmful gases in the city air and pumps out clean, fresh air.

You would think that a community like Mahogany III can only exist in the neighboring provinces because of the large number of trees and plants but you are actually right in the heart of Metro Manila. In fact, you can clearly see the Bonifacio Global City from the roof deck of any of the houses in Mahogany III. This means you no longer have to endure hours of traffic jams. You will not be drained and exhausted when you get to your office and you will still have plenty of energy left for your family when you go home in the afternoon.

Understandably, the price tags attached to the houses in Mahogany III are quite steep. However, if you take into consideration all of the benefits that living in this exclusive gated community, you will understand that the houses are worth every centavo, maybe even more. Besides, if you are really interested in investing in one of the beautiful townhouses in Mahogany III, you can avail of the many easy payment plans available like many people before you did. If you want to take your pick from one of the few available choice units left, you need to act quickly.

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